Who-Knows-OilThe most gifted script writer could not have created a more terrifying horror story to portray our current South African scene. This past week's news has been one dreadful, calamitous story after another culminating in the Grace Mugabe scandal! Once again the ANC regime publicly flaunted its total disregard for the South African constitution and failed to uphold and protect the rights of its very own people by giving this foreign woman who is guilty of a crass assault, diplomatic immunity. Shame on them! If the Zimbabwean Government had one shred of integrity they too would have insisted Mugabe stand trial for her act of brutality. They and the ANC are birds of a feather and deserve each other! And so much for the ANC's constant rhetoric that nobody is above the law etc.!
Our president Zuma is the custodian of our culture. He, however, is bereft of any moral integrity. He is pilloried by even his own people as corrupt, immoral and debauched and as such he is compromised when having to deal with the morals of his henchmen. He does not hold himself accountable to the solemn oath of office to promote and uphold our constitution consequently neither do the sycophants he has surrounded himself with. The ANC's collective management style means no one is held accountable. This malaise filters down from the very top down to every facet of our South African society.

Schoenies-PenAndWash-no35Schoenmakerskop is not only a tranquil, sleepy little village for its residents. No, for many, many years it has been and still is a favourite destination for thousands of Port Elizabethans and tourists. Then there are the many cyclists who love the circuit through Schoenies ....you will seldom find the road without cyclists irrespective of the time of day. Schoenies is a Port Elizabeth institution.
It belongs to all the people of our Nelson Mandela Bay Metropole and is loved by many. And now, some mining conglomerate wants to destroy the tranquillity, the beauty and the peace of this little village by foisting on its residents an ugly, brutal, sand digging catastrophe with enormous obnoxious trucks that will defile its road!

Now, more than ever, the racial divide simmering below the surface of our everyday life in South Africa has transcended into a virulent reality! The gloves are off. There is no more posturing as our striking students dare to bare the reality:"F...the whites. Kill the whites!" as slogans on t-shirts clearly validate! It is an anti-white, anti-colonial frustration that boils over into a cultural resentment spawning hatred with an aimless desire for conflict and destruction!

image34 2"There is an absence of democratic accountability and control in every sphere of government and the state. To address this debilitating legacy requires determined action and a deep commitment to transforming our society from a crisis ridden present into something all South Africans can be truly proud of."

Does this sound true today?

This story was written with my tongue in my cheek!

The sheriff of a small Texas town, one hot afternoon, observed a cowboy walk to the back of his horse, lift its tail and give it a big kiss where the sun never shines. Intrigued the sheriff wanted to know the reason for this strange behaviour. "Well now" said the cowboy "I have chapped lips..."Well I'll be danged," drawled the Sheriff "is what you just did a good remedy for chapped lips?" No" said the cowboy, "it's not.... but it sure stops me from licking them!"

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