ANC fails to provide ethical leadership

Who-Knows-OilThe most gifted script writer could not have created a more terrifying horror story to portray our current South African scene. This past week's news has been one dreadful, calamitous story after another culminating in the Grace Mugabe scandal! Once again the ANC regime publicly flaunted its total disregard for the South African constitution and failed to uphold and protect the rights of its very own people by giving this foreign woman who is guilty of a crass assault, diplomatic immunity. Shame on them! If the Zimbabwean Government had one shred of integrity they too would have insisted Mugabe stand trial for her act of brutality. They and the ANC are birds of a feather and deserve each other! And so much for the ANC's constant rhetoric that nobody is above the law etc.!
Our president Zuma is the custodian of our culture. He, however, is bereft of any moral integrity. He is pilloried by even his own people as corrupt, immoral and debauched and as such he is compromised when having to deal with the morals of his henchmen. He does not hold himself accountable to the solemn oath of office to promote and uphold our constitution consequently neither do the sycophants he has surrounded himself with. The ANC's collective management style means no one is held accountable. This malaise filters down from the very top down to every facet of our South African society.

It is the fifth anniversary of the Marikana slaughter and still no one has been held to account. Our President and Deputy President are not welcome at the anniversary proceedings because of their complicity. And once again there is no accountability and no political will to put the matter to rest once and for all. It will forever be a blot on the ANC history ranking up there with that of the Sharpeville massacre during apartheid years.
Even our schools are in a mess; filled with anger and in open revolt with children openly taking knives and even guns to school. Lawlessness has compelled local communities to take the law into their own hands with loss of lives as in the recent Port Elizabeth "mob justice" episodes. However it is no wonder there is no law and order left when we read about a senior police officer partying with known gangsters while the car allocated to him is used in crime!
According to the Independent Democrat (ID) website, one in every three women in this country will be raped once in their lifetime. The report further highlights babies as young as three weeks old are raped more often than not. For heaven's sake have we as a society sunk so low as to rape a three week old baby! And synonymous with this sick scene our ANC Woman's League president Bathabile Dlamini wants the ANC to condone ex Deputy Education minister Manana's dastardly deeds when he assaulted several women saying that there were other senior government leaders who were worse culprits, is simply unbelievable. She is supposed to uphold the aims and objectives of the league which are: "to campaign for an end to all forms of violence against women, children and other vulnerable groups".
But what is most disturbing is seeing Doctor Makhosi Khoza in tears during a television interview when she spoke about the death threats against her and her family. It is clear the ANC thugs will not stop at intimidation and murder to get their way.
How can any right minded human being with any shred of decency vote and support the ANC? It truly boggles the mind. In the past few years the ANC regime has brought the country to its knees. Not only to its knees, but destroyed whatever vestiges of integrity and humanity left. We are now a country lost in a banana state where mayhem, avarice, corruption, state capture, gender and spousal violence are not only prevalent but seemingly condoned by our ANC masters. And now, to obfuscate the moral turpitude the ANC has sunk us into they are sweeping up the emotions of the illiterate masses with anti-white sentiments. One wonders in years to come how history will judge the party? And how will history judge you and me, ordinary law abiding citizens? Will our silence at the injustices being perpetrated be an indictment against this generation? Will our children hold us accountable for being a silent acquiescence to the destruction of their birth right?
Until we have decisive leadership by ethical men and women of integrity who will take responsibility and be held accountable for their actions this country will continue to slide into the abyss. Is there any hope? Not in the short term. The ANC regime does not have any men and women left who fall into this category. Just about everyone is compromised in one way or another. The only hope left is to vote the ANC out of power once and for all!

Talbot Cox

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