My First Blog-Talbot Cox

How does one start a blog?

I do not have a clue....and so, when in doubt just start! Where will it lead to? Who knows? Perhaps I will be sanguine enough to stop if it leads nowhere!
So please come with me on this exciting journey of discovery... of meeting new friends.....of interesting discussions....whatever.

My book Charcoal Portraits from Photograph has been launched worldwide recently. I never wrote the book as a money making venture, but rather as a challenge to myself; a sort of catharsis if you like, born out of my experiences as a portrait artist. During these past, wonderful years, I have conducted many workshops. This has brought me into contact with many aspirant artists from all walks of life, all imbued with a desire to do a portrait.....
Every one of us has an inherent artistic desire... some more pronounced than others. However, the urge to do a portrait is frequently blunted by dismal, initial attempts and often this is where the dream is shattered and ended!
I have simplified the complex subject matter of placing the facial features sothat anyone can create an accurate charcoal drawing. By using a photocopy combined with a fundamental knowledge of the human face, the 'golden rules' as it were as set out in my book, anyone can avoid much of the stress of placing the facial features correctly. However this is merely the start: doing the chiaroscuro afterwards is an art in itself and requires a lot of patience and application. My book shows how with a bit of dedicated application a credible portrait is possible.
So please read my book and let me know what you think? I shall love to hear from you ...

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