Where did it all start?

Looking through an old scrap book I came across my very first "painting": the start of my journey into the art world....and what an epic ride it's been? Memories come flooding in.....the date scribbled on the sketch is the 4th of December, 1979. Elyse and I were sitting in a bird hide in the wonderful Mkuze Game Reserve. It was a hot afternoon and to while away the time I used a black ballpoint to make a sketch of a sparrow.....later in our chalet I redid the sketch using black and red ballpoint pens. At the time I was quite chuffed at my effort, and so I bought my first sketch book and pencils .......and so my love for art started. It has been a journey full of disappointments and disillusionments but also filled with so many memorable and happy happenings.

Momentous times we live in! And what a mess we South African folk find ourselves in! With hindsight my letter to the Herald regarding the State of the Nation penned a few days ago and debating the current lack of leadership in the country clearly was a premonition of the findings delivered by our Chief Justice yesterday about our President's actions or lack thereof. The letter published under a banner headline appears in today's Herald. And what may you say does all this have to do with art? Well now, we artists are part of society and effected like everyone else by events around us. More so I believe, because as artists, our senses are somehow heightened...we are in a constant turmoil between ecstasy and despair! And that makes us what we are...giving expression to our feelings in whatever form....music, art, writing.....

How does one start a blog?

I do not have a clue....and so, when in doubt just start! Where will it lead to? Who knows? Perhaps I will be sanguine enough to stop if it leads nowhere!
So please come with me on this exciting journey of discovery... of meeting new friends.....of interesting discussions....whatever.

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